Partner with single cup experts

Enjoy the freedom to brew a wide range of coffees and specialty drinks
with a reliable single cup brewer from the Company Coffee Shop.

No-worry delivery

A guaranteed product delivery system uses sensors to detect if product is dispensed or triggers a refund.

Flexible payments

Snack vending machines accept mobile payments, credit cards, and debit cards for easy purchasing.

Innovative technology

From LED lights to Energy Star rated components, our snack vending machines are state-of-the-art.

Custom wrapped

Upgrade the look of the snack vending machine for free with our in-house, customizable wrapping program.

Choice healthy snacks

Enjoy today’s best tasting nutritious and better-for-you snacks from our large selection of healthy products.

Wellness is more important than ever in the Dallas Fort Worth, DFW area. Empower your employees’ goals to live healthier with snacks that support good eating habits. Company Coffee Shop customizes a healthy snack vending program tailored to your break room needs.

Must-have snacks and treats delivered to your
Dallas Fort Worth, DFW workforce

Snack vending machines in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW

Satisfying crunch

From pretzels to chips, we have a wide range of salty snacks ideal for your snacking needs.

Dallas Fort Worth, DFW beverage vending machines

Nutritious nibbles

Build the ideal snack vending machine selection including our great-tasting healthy options.

Sweet treats

Delight in delicious candies, chocolate, baked goods, and more with our huge variety of sweets.

Snack on demand with snack vending machines from Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608.0836;