Quality brand employees love

Keurig Green Mountain is known for its revolutionary single cup system making it an impressive addition to office coffee service.

The coffee brewer in 20 million homes, Keurig Green Mountain has made a name for itself. The innovative brewer consistently and conveniently delivers great tasting, and fresh, hot drinks at the push of a button. It’s so popular, more than 50 leading coffee brands have partnered with Keurig to create K-cups for 500+ drinks. It’s a personalized beverage brewed perfectly in less than a minute.

Keurig Green Mountain coffee products in Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin

All roasts available

Due to the large number of Keurig Green Mountain partners, there is a vast variety of blends and roasts available. We can get you dark roasts, specialty drinks, flavored coffees, national brands, and more — just ask.

Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin Keurig Green Mountain coffee products

Revolutionary brewing

Brewing a premeasured amount of coffee into a delicious hot beverage in under a minute without contaminating the next drink has earned Keurig Green Mountain a special reputation. The brewer is revered for its quality and convenience.

Quality you can taste

In order to partner with Keurig Green Mountain, coffee companies must meet the exacting standards of Q-grades, or coffee tasters, certified by the nonprofit Coffee Quality Institute. These men and women taste thousands of cups of coffee to ensure each is worthy of the Keurig Green Mountain name.

Connecting through coffee

With each cup of coffee you are connected to the earth, farming families hundreds of miles away, and coffee-drinks everywhere.

Keurig Green Mountain believes enjoying coffee is a unique opportunity that connects people from all walks of life and reminds us of our relationship to each other and the planet. They aim for a sustainable relationship from making K-cups recyclable and eliminating waste to helping coffee growers find eco-friendly farming methods and get fair wages. Each cup makes the world a better place.

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