Vending machines and office coffee service in Dallas Forth Worth

Get an on-site Starbucks

We are authorized distributors of Starbucks, able to deliver the coffee shop flavor and quality to your location.

Vending machines and Dallas Forth Worth coffee service

Stand-out gourmet coffee

Our exclusive affiliation with White Bear allows us access to gourmet coffees that other locations won’t have.

Vending machines and coffee services for offices in Dallas Forth Worth

Innovative coffee brewers

For our customers, opting for a gourmet coffee also means the coffee brewer has to be state-of-the-art.

Vending Machines and Dallas Forth Worth coffee services for offices

Unique coffee service solutions

Let us assist in customizing the office coffee service program that will inspire employees and increase productivity.

Eco-friendly essentials

We offer a range of sustainable products for your break room from coffee to paper goods.

Doing right by the planet is important, so we offer our Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, customers Earth-friendly coffee products and supplies. Many of our gourmet coffee varieties are Fair Trade, ensuring good wages and environmentally friendly farming practices in the country of origin. We also offer a line of 100% compostable products to choose from, made from recycled material.

Vending machines and eco-friendly office coffee service in Dallas Forth Worth

The beverages you want. The convenience you need.

By placing a beverage vending machine with customized drink selections in your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW break room, you get the best of both

Bean to cup

Enjoy the sounds and smells of the coffee shop with a brewer that grinds beans before brewing each cup.

Pod brewer

Easy to use pod brewers deliver the convenience of single cup coffee while also being compostable.

Capsule brewer

Ensure everyone gets their favorite drink with single cup capsules available in dozens of flavors.

Vending machines and Dallas Fort Worth office coffee services for employees

In-room brewing

Create a memorable experience for your hotel guests with superior coffees and reliable brewers.


Ensure end of the meal coffee is as good as your food with our gourmet coffee and tea options.

Traditional equipment

Coffee lovers will rejoice with our tried and true coffee brewers that deliver by the pot and thermal.

Build your own tea bar

Impress employees and guests with a customized tea bar.

Reward the hardworking tea lovers at your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, location with a cafe-quality line of teas.

Water on demand

Plumbed into your water line, our water filtration system eliminate impurities, leaving behind delicious water.

Various models available

Choose from counter top water dispensers for tight floor plans, or floor units for limited counter space.

Dual temperature

All water filtration systems include options for both hot and cold water — a versatile addition to the break room.

Heat up the atmosphere in your break room with coffee shop quality from Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608-0836 or