Provide a greater benefit

Transform your break area into an employee benefit by offering free items to employees through pantry service.

Partner with Company Coffee Shop to deliver fresh food, healthy snacks, cold beverages, and more to your employees. We make it easy. You need only pick your favorite products and decide on your budget. We handle the rest, including sending you easy to read reports on usage and a single invoice.

Pantry service cultivates a culture of loyalty, appreciation, hard work, and creativity in the workplace. Employees will congregate in the break room, snacking and sharing ideas across departments. Offering free food items is also a great way to show employees you appreciate their work, making them feel more engaged.

Boost morale and employer appreciation by offering
free refreshments on-site

Recognize and inspire

  • Work Oasis

    We will help design great looking product displays and dispensers to compliment your office decor.

  • Grab & Go Options

    Choose from our line of dozens of convenience items including sandwiches, salads, fruit, snacks, etc.

  • Delicious healthy

    Support employee decisions for a healthier lifestyle by offering these very products in the break area.

  • Terrific benefit

    Nothing ensures employees feel appreciated and valued more than partaking in free food and drinks.

  • Your Pantry Service Partner

    With decades of experience, we know how to deliver reliable pantry service Dallas Fort Worth, DFW companies.

  • Personalized solution

    We listen to the needs, wants, and concerns of customers to craft the ideal break room pantry service.

Ensure your company stands out from the rest with pantry service from Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608-0836 or