Vending machines and micro-market service in Dallas Fort Worth

Leading-edge designs
With our custom graphics, we can create a sophisticated atmosphere for your micro-market solution.

Vending machines and Dallas Fort Worth micro-market services

Secure checkout kiosk
Each micro-market includes a fully enclosed kiosk that processes payment with leading security technology.

Vending machines and self-serve micro-markets in Dallas Fort Worth

Your-choice selection
Personalize the micro-market by picking the options you want along with specific sales-based data.

Cultivate a better break room experience

The micro-market solution still offers convenient grab and go options employees can buy, while enhancing the overall look and feel of the environment.

Micro-markets bring the latest advancements

Pay your way

From cash to credit to mobile wallets, our micro-markets enable users to pay with whatever they prefer.

Smarter inventory

Automated inventory and remote managing of micro-markets mean we can anticipate your location’s needs.

Vending machines and Dallas Fort Worth self-serve micro-markets

Shop your breakroom

Without any cost outlay to your business, micro-markets offer 24-hour access to employee-preferred products.

Safety & Secure

Around the clock digital surveillance and stringent security procedures keep micro-markets safe.

Vending machines and Dallas Fort Worth self-serve micro-markets
Go beyond vending machines with an employee-wowing micro-market from Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608-0836 or