Partner with single cup experts

Enjoy the freedom to brew a wide range of coffees and specialty drinks
with a reliable single cup brewer from the Company Coffee Shop.

Perfect-fit options

From whole beans ground fresh to pre-measured pods, we offer a single cup brew for all coffee types.

Infinite beverages

Choose a drink recipe or create your own personalized specialty beverage thanks to interactive menus.

Enhanced experience

Employees love single cup for the ability to brewer the beverage they want, just the way they want it.

Innovative brewing

Each unit is carefully designed to extract maximum flavor from the individual servings of coffee or tea.

Offering the most in-demand office coffee service options

Vending machines and single cup office coffee service in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW

A new break room experience

Be part of the evolution of the workplace aiming to inspire employees and transform corporate culture. You can start by providing great benefits such as single cup coffee which allows everyone to brew something special. It’s a great way to enhance the environment of your Dallas Fort Worth, DFW, location while also boosting employee productivity.

Multiple single-cup solutions

We custom design the single cup service to your space and goals,
from a pod brewer to a bean to cup specialty machine.


Authorized Keurig Distributor


Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


Starbucks ICUP

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