Vending machines and healthy vending machines Dallas Fort Worth DFW

Upbeat employees

Our healthy heart program delivers the healthier options to empower employees

Local fresh food

Because quality and flavor are important, we make all our healthy heart fresh food at a local USDA commissary.

Better performance

Opting for nutritious options improves health and overall company performance as employees miss less work.

Build a healthy program for your needs

Here at Company Coffee Shop, we partner with you on healthy programs. Fully customize our healthy heart program to offer the right mix of nutritious products and services for your location. Use healthy heart in micro-markets, vending machines, or as part of your sponsored services such as office coffee service and pantry service. We offer a way to incorporate healthy into all of them.

Healthy doesn’t have to mean limited choices

Our healthy heart program is an extensive collection of fresh items, snacks, food, and drinks that are both good for you and taste delicious

Reap the rewards of healthier break room options in Dallas Fort Worth, DFW. Contact Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608-0836 or