Nothing beats fresh

At-work hunger can be a big distraction and time waster, so ensure there’s delicious,
convenient food at your employees’ fingertips.

FDA-approved food

Every food item we sell is made locally at a federally-inspected facility that ensures food safety and quality ingredients.

Trendy selections

Choose the food items best suited to your break room and corporate vision in vending and micro-markets.

Benefit employees

Drive up retention and recruitment efforts by offering our employee-preferred food programs at your Dallas Fort Worth; DFW location.

Increase productivity

Employees save time by eating onsite and are better able to focus on the tasks and requirements of their jobs.

A culture boosted by fresh food

Along with coffee service, Company Coffee Shop also offers a range of at-work food solutions. We offer fresh, locally made meals and food snacks sure to appeal to Dallas Fort Worth; DFW employees and customers. Customize the service with food vending machines, micro-markets or pantry service. This is one more way we can be a one stop shop for your break room needs.

Options for everyone

Our food line offers trendy entrees and unique items chosen to please the local palate and different dietary preferences.

Gourmet wraps and sandwiches

Flavor-filled wraps and sandwiches with tasty proteins and crisp vegetables.

Fesh yogurt and fruit

Health-boosting yogurt in a variety of flavors and seasonal fresh fruit cups.

Crisp green salads

Salads full of crisp greens from romaine lettuce to gourmet spring mixes.

Hot burgers and more

Hot sandwiches filled with burgers, chicken patties, pork, and a lot more.

Ensure your company stands out from the rest with pantry service from Company Coffee Shop at (817) 608-0836 or